Recent Work
Visual Model of the Extra Dimensions Proposed by String Theory Prototype
constructed by teaching assistant of Dr. Shamit Kachru
Professor, Dept. of Particle Physics, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Acquired 2008, refurbished 2012
aluminum, mirrors, electronic components
Evolution of Pylons in North America, 1874-1976
digital reprint with goache wash on watercolor paper
Proposal for Fractal Ferris Wheel, Santa Monica
Found in dumpster outside Santa Monica Library, after city council meeting, April 26, 2007
digital print on watercolor paper and mighty core

Constant Inward Spiral
Torus rotates outwards towards viewer, drawing viewer inward through the wall.
Steel, motor, cherry wood, mechanical components



Photon Cabinet
Prototype of a darkened still life becomes visible by raining glowing balls, similar to
how we see the world, in that we don't see objects, we see the way photons bounce
off of objects.



  • Agnostic Crucifix Detail
  • Pointing Hand for Hammer Museum
    Model of the Hammer Museum and Oxy building with moving hand that points viewers in the direction
    of their choosing.

    Commissioned by Machine Project. Built by Matt Jones, Concept Design by Maria Mortati and Mark Allen,
    Programming by Ben Dean.




    • chair video thumbnail
    Chair Koan (Minimal Chair)
    Reconstructed chair and video (running time 4:00)
    • Agnostic Crucifix Detail
    Agnostic Crucifix (VLA)
    carved redwood, acrylic paint
    1813 (reconstructed 2009)
    Six Block Wall
    Plyboo, patinaed brass wire on plyboo pedestal
    Homemade CERN (Best Thing Found at a JPL Garage Sale)
    Red oak, disco ball, mirrored acrylic, motor, gearing, leds, plywood
    River Fence
    Walnut and brass wire on custom shelf
    River Crossing (Minimum Amount of Bridge)
    Stop-motion animation
    Six Axis Walnut Donut
    Walnut, industrial felt, patinaed copper nails
    Plexicube Icecube
    Acrylic, stainless steel hardware
    Falling Cube
    Red oak, industrial felt, screws, motor, wire, custom electronics
    Shape of Something Always Moving
    Cherry, brass wire, motorized pedestal
    Splinter Collection
    Cherry, beaker, splinters, plaque, cork
    Flat Earth (Tennis Balls)
    Tennis balls, screws, MDF, poplar, enamel
    Traffic Wave
    Site-specific commissioned installation that translates highway traffic into an undulating wooden fabric. The piece began by
    imagining the traffic from the point of view of the highway and grew to wonder how the conservation of energy principle plays
    out in a section of commuter traffic.
    maple, steel, custom electronics, pneumatic system
    13' x 6' x 28
    Fractal Ferris
    Laser cut airplane ply, basswood
    The Unemptiness of Space
    Stop-motion animation of poplar and steel sculpture